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AXIS NDT is a newly formed Non-destructive testing company based in North West England. Our Senior Inspection team have over 40 years of experience carrying out NDT up and down the UK, on a wide range of sites and sectors. We specialise in Advanced Ultrasonic Inspection utilising the latest technology and our in-house PCN Level 3 engineers. Quality, as well as value for money, is paramount in our quest to deliver the best service possible to our clients nationwide.

Phased Array Ultrasonic Inspection 

Phased Array Inspection is an Advanced Ultrasonic Technique that utilises the latest technology to create targeted beam sets that can be focused upon a specific area for an increased probability of detection. The beam sets are created by utilising constructive and destructive interference where sound waves are sequenced to give the desired beam sets. The angles and type of beam sets are modelled using programmes such as ES Beamtool and CIVA prior to creating the Phased Array setups.

Phased Array can be used across a wide range of sectors to inspection a large variety of components, such as

Girth welds in pipelines, Butt welds in pressure vessels and tanks, Butt welds in small bore, thin walled piping down to 1” (DN25), Fully encoded volumetric Inspection of Forgings and castings, Delamination and other manufacturing defects in carbon composite materials, HTHA, both early detection and sizing, Corrosion mapping of pipework, pressure vessels, tanks, ships hulls

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X and Gamma Radiography

X and Gamma Radiography is a method of inspection used widely for detecting volumetric defects. It involves placing a film on one side of an object and the source of radiation on the other. The film will display the amount of radiation received through the object. This is shown as a change in density. Some defects will allow more radiation to pass through, others will restrict the radiation.

X and Gamma Radiography is commonly used on

  • Welds in pipework, tanks, vessels

  • Plates, bars, billets

  • Castings

  • Corrosion monitoring of pipework

Axis NDT are able to provide X and Gamma Radiography at our Premises in Bromborough, Wirral utilising out Radiography enclosure that is 6.5M x 7M with a door opening of 2M x 2.6M.

Axis NDT can also carry out radiography on our client’s site nationwide.


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Tank Inspection 

Axis NDT can carry out EEMUA and API tank and piping inspections to ascertain the condition of our client’s assets. Axis NDT can carry out all related inspections from Ultrasonic Thickness checks, MFL, SLOFEC, Vacuum box inspection.

Axis NDT can carry out a complete turnaround including cleaning, inspection, repairs and certification in a cost-effective and timely manner.

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About Axis NDT

AXIS NDT Ltd is an independently owned and run Non-destructive testing company based in North-West, England, that carries out both Conventional and Advanced methods of Non-destructive testing. Our work force at AXIS NDT have many years of experience carrying out numerous methods of inspection and testing across a vast spectrum of equipment, materials and sectors. These include, but are not limited to, Oil and Gas, National Grid, Power Generation, Fabrication, Construction, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical. Our key objective as a company is to offer an unparalleled service to our clients. This is ensuring the quality of the work we produce and the value of money we provide. To ensure the highest Quality of workmanship, use highly trained technicians who are not only trained and qualified to PCN Level 2 (BS EN ISO 9712:2012), SNT-TC-1A Level 2, they also undergo in-house training with our PCN Level 3 to ensure the highest level of knowledge and understanding for the tasks required by our clients. We can cover all aspects of NDT work from small one-off inspections through to full shut-down cover. Our senior inspection team have vast experience in delivering the highest quality work, in a timely and cost-effective manner. As a company we will endeavour to help our clients with any and all their Inspection needs. We carry out the following methods of inspection on a regular basis both on-site and at our premises in Bromborough, Wirral.


Our Capabilities

We offer a wide range of NDT Services:-

  • Manual Phased Array Inspection
  • Time of Flight Diffraction Inspection
  • Conventional Ultrasonic Inspection
  • X and Gamma radiography
  • Liquid Penetrant Inspection
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Visual Inspection
  • PCN Level 3 services
  • Hardness Testing
  • Positive Material Testing

Meet the Team

Jonathon Hayward, MD Axis NDT

Jonathon Hayward


Our Owner and company Level 3, Jonathon Hayward, has over 14 years experience within the NDT industry, working on a wide range of plant and equipment across several sectors. Jonathon's vision for Axis NDT is to be the premier NDT company in the North-West with highly qualified and motivated technicians that are customer focused and quality driven. Delivering cost effective inspections in a safe and timely manner