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Magnetic Particle Inspection

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Magnetic Particle inspection is a technique for detecting surface and slightly sub-surface defects within ferrimagnetic materials such as, Iron, Carbon Steel, Low-alloy steels, PH Steels, Maraging steels, Casting, Nickel and cobalt.

A magnetic field is introduced to the part under examination via electromagnets or permanent magnets. The Magnets come in a wide range of sizes and strengths that can create the required fields. The most common method is carried out using a portable 110V Yoke. This is a very compact and versatile way of inspecting welds, plates, bars, billets. For high sensitivity and productivity, bench units can be used. Bench units can have upwards of 6 magnetic circuits to aid quick and accurate inspections without the need to manipulate the test piece.

Magnetic Particle Inspection can be used for the inspection of

  • Butt welds in plates, pipes, pressure vessels and tanks,
  • Fillet welds on structural steel, tanks, accumulators etc
  • Forged parts such as bars and billets,
  • Castings,
  • Rolling stock and much more