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Phased Array Inspection

Phased Array Inspection

Phased Array Inspection is an Advanced Ultrasonic Technique that utilises the latest technology to create targeted beam sets that can be focused upon a specific area for an increased probability of detection. The beam sets are created by utilising constructive and destructive interference where sound waves are sequenced to give the desired beam sets. The angles and type of beam sets are modelled using programmes such as ES Beamtool and CIVA prior to creating the Phased Array setups.


Phased Array can be used across a wide range of sectors to inspection a large variety of components, such as

  • Girth welds in pipelines
  • Butt welds in pressure vessels and tanks,
  • Butt welds in small bore, thin walled piping down to 1” (DN25)
  • Fully encoded volumetric Inspection of Forgings and castings
  • Delamination and other manufacturing defects in carbon composite materials
  • HTHA, both early detection and sizing
  • Corrosion mapping of pipework, pressure vessels, tanks, ships hulls


  • Oil and Gas,
  • Power Generation
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Marine
  • Utilities
  • Storage